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Our Private Forum

The Vaginismus Private Forum is a safe place for women to receive practical information, solid advice, and encouragement from moderators and other women going through the self-help programs.

See below for more information about the forum and how to obtain a forum pass.

Get a forum pass—included 100% FREE as part of the Vaginismus Treatment Kit!

Newcomers Welcome

Any woman who joins the forum can feel free to post her questions or concerns anonymously by using the screen name of her choice. Some women silently read the posts of others for encouragement and some become active participants in the many encouraging thread discussions.


Live Chat

The forum also has a chat room for women to connect on a more personal level. Women from around the world with vaginismus can chat about their lives or ask questions about treatment. We find that even in anonymity, as women begin to open up about their problem, they become more positive about the condition of vaginismus because they no longer feel as isolated.

You’re Not Alone

The forum is driven by women helping other women and moderators are available for technical and emotional support concerning vaginismus treatment. It is our desire that this will be a safe place of hope, encouragement, knowledge, inspiration, friendship and healing as women work through the self-help program together at the same time.

A Network of Support with Encouragement & Real Answers


The primary goal of the forum is to provide a network of support for women who are actively working to overcome vaginismus. Our forum is available 24 hours a day. Women can ask questions about physical or emotional issues as well as gain much needed positive encouragement as they work through the program steps. Examples of topics covered in our forum include:

  • Questions specific to each step of the self-help programs
  • Vaginismus and relationships
  • Emotional and physical distress issues
  • Pregnancy and vaginismus
  • Religious and social issues surrounding vaginismus
  • Success stories
  • Gynecological exam issues
  • Transitioning to pain-free sex

I am so glad to have this forum! Thank you all for your suggestions and thoughts and thanks mostly for YOUR SUPPORT. I am so glad to have this forum where I know I am not alone.


Private Forum User

I cannot believe I found this! I look forward with hope to the encouragement, prayers and support from the wonderful women in this forum. With your help, I know I’ll soon overcome vaginismus. Discovering this site, learning about the kit, and reading through forum posts have been a God-send.


Private Forum User

Fantastic support! It was hard to beat vaginismus before I found out about this forum but now I’m finally making progress … it’s a fantastic support and motivates me like little else!


Private Forum User

We have started practicing the real thing! It took me a long time to get started due to lack of time and because I felt that my case wasn’t serious. The program and forum has definitely helped a lot! I wouldn’t know how else to deal with this. Thank you for all the effort you put into helping women find a cure.


Private Forum User

How Do I Get a Pass?

There is now a free forum pass, included in every treatment kit and book set purchase. The Vaginismus Private Forum is reserved for those who are going through our program and have received our books (passes are not included when only a trainer set is ordered). As there are public forums for vaginismus sufferers currently available on the web, our forum is specifically geared to women who are familiar with and working through our program.

Our forum pass enables you to create a private and anonymous password and username. Once you have your username and password, you are able to receive entrance into the Vaginismus Private Forum, gaining access to the support of hundreds of women worldwide.

NOTE: If you have previously ordered these products and do not have a pass, please contact us to obtain one (at no cost).

Are Spouses Allowed?

Yes, spouses are allowed. It is often helpful for spouses to educate themselves about vaginismus and to have a place where they can ask questions and find support if desired. We have created an area in the forum reserved for spouses and partners.

NOTE: Spouses will need their own separate email address to create a username (two usernames cannot share the same address). Also, spouses should note that they need to follow forum guidelines for acceptable posts.

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