About Us

About Us

Our big mission at Vaginismus.com is to help as many women as possible with vaginismus and related sexual pain or penetration problems.

Vaginismus.com has been the go to information and treatment resource site for sexual pain issues on the Internet for more than 13 years. Beginning out of our struggle to find a solution to our own sexual pain problem, we were determined to make it easier for women and couples to find the help they needed and to make vaginismus resources readily available and reasonably priced.

It is our daily privilege to provide care, hope, and solutions to those who are struggling and searching for help. We enjoy connecting with women, couples, and health care professionals from all over the world. In addition to English, our materials are available in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, and Turkish. Our products have been sent to nearly every country and our main forum is now home to nearly 100, 000 posts. We are grateful to everyone who has reached out to us for help, to provide suggestions, and to share their own stories of healing. THANK YOU!

Lisa & Mark Carter
California, USA

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