Could vaginismus just be in my head?

Could vaginismus just be in my head?


Regardless of the potential causes, there is always a distinct physical side to vaginismus.

With vaginismus, the pelvic floor tightening response is an involuntary physical occurrence, meaning that it is not under the immediate direction or control of the woman. Therefore, regardless of the causes of vaginismus, there is always a distinct, sexually crippling, physical side to the condition. It is a condition in which varying physical and/or emotional factors may play contributory roles and so both should be examined as part of the treatment process.


Non-Physical Causes

Although emotions, past memories of experiences, or specific anxieties could be involved in causing vaginismus, the initial triggers of vaginismus may be the culmination of a variety of factors. In the treatment process, both physical and emotional aspects of vaginismus should be considered to identify all potential triggers and be fully addressed to overcome vaginismus (both are addressed in the self-help process).

The physical components of treatment focus on exercises that teach how to control the pelvic floor muscles, by retraining the body to eliminate involuntary tightness. The self-directed exploration and emotional inventory exercises draw out unhealthy emotions to help women take control over their pasts.

By replacing negative messages and attitudes with positive solutions, women overcome any emotional hindrances or emotional components to their vaginismus. This “whole woman” self-help approach has helped many to overcome what seemed like a hopeless situation.



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