Should we consider adopting if our time is running out? Should we just give up and move-on?

Should we consider adopting if our time is running out?


Adoption is a viable option for couples with vaginismus.

Women with vaginismus who feel they are running out of time, miss the fertility window, or simply want to consider other options, may also wish to consider the possibility of adoption. Adopting children is obviously a very personal choice and one that demands much consideration. Ideally, adoption will not be something that is settled for but rather an option that is chosen carefully and embraced to enrich family life.


Starting a Family

There are many agencies and options when it comes to adoption. Places to start researching might include visiting different adoption organization websites, contacting local agencies, or connecting with local and international social workers.

Whatever couples decide concerning adoption, we encourage them to continue with vaginismus treatment resolution. Resolving vaginismus helps to ensure a happier home environment for new children and is helpful for long-term personal and relational health.

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