Once vaginismus has been successfully treated can it reoccur?

Can vaginismus reoccur once it’s successfully treated?


The process of overcoming vaginismus is generally permanent. Learned abilities are lifelong and prevent reoccurrence.

The process of overcoming vaginismus normally instills life-long skills that provide permanent pain-free resolution. The body’s tendency to involuntarily tighten the pelvic floor is overcome, and if any vaginismus symptoms ever reoccur, they are typically easily resolved with the skills learned through successfully completing treatment.

Note that following the completion of a vaginismus program, some women require a short period of repeated pain-free intercourse before the tendency of the pelvic floor muscles to tighten is fully eliminated and normal intercourse body responses become completely ingrained.

Following this time period, the body responses are typically completely retrained for positive intercourse experiences without any further evidence of vaginismus.

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