Is there any further support with the treament kits?

Is there any further support with the treatment kits?


Having support available can be very helpful in the process of overcoming vaginismus.

We are committed to providing ongoing support for all those going through the treatment steps throughout the entire process. Our mission is to help women with vaginismus in any way we can. This includes going beyond the self-help program to offer support in a number of ways such as:


Vaginismus Private Forum

Our online private forum is very active (with thousands of posts) and is a safe place for women to receive practical information, solid advice, and encouragement from moderators and other women going through the self-help program, or from those who have already completed the program and continue to encourage others.

Any woman who joins the forum can feel free to post her questions or concerns anonymously by using the screen name of her choice. Some women silently read the posts of others for encouragement and some become active participants in the many encouraging thread discussions.

The primary goal of the forum is to provide a network of support for women who are actively working to overcome vaginismus. Our forum is available 24 hours a day and women can ask questions about physical or emotional issues as well as gain much needed positive encouragement as they work through the program steps.

Examples of topics covered in our forum include questions specific to each step of the self-help program, relationship issues, emotional issues, pregnancy, religious and social issues surrounding vaginismus, personal stories, gynecological exams, 40+ age related issues, and many other vaginismus-related chat topics. The forum also has an area for spouses. See our Forum page for more information.


Private Messaging

Private messaging can be used to contact any of the other women in the forum to ask questions or form online friendships or affinity groups.


Direct Access to Forum Moderators

Our forum moderators are available to answer any questions from any forum members via posts, private messages, or other methods.


24 Hour Live Chat (Forum)

The forum also has a chat room for women to connect on a more personal level. Women from around the world can chat about their lives or ask questions about treatment. We find that even in anonymity, as women begin to open up about their problem, they become more positive about the condition of vaginismus because they no longer feel as isolated. The chat room can also provide privacy for one-on-one sessions with a moderator.


Email Support

We strive for the highest possible quality email support. Couples can email us using our contact form with any questions, concerns, or feedback.


Phone Support

Where other support methods are insufficient, we provide phone-based help and support.

In keeping with our mission, we do not charge for any of these support methods and provide free ongoing help for those going through vaginismus treatment to the best of our abilities.

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