As a vaginismus treatment professional, how does the program help my patients?

As a vaginismus treatment professional, how does the program help my patients?


Our program provides a comprehensive framework for treating vaginismus that’s helpful for treatment professionals and their patients.

  • The program assists busy medical professionals and specialists by providing a reference for the programming and delivery of individualized treatment, including home exercises.
  • It includes a complete 10-step program covering all major facets of professional self-treatment (formatted for self-treatment application but allowing easy coordination for professionals focusing on key treatment areas.)
  • The program provides an understanding of successful treatment methodology widely in acceptance and practiced among treatment specialists.
  • The program includes a detailed understanding of the vaginismus condition fully addressing physical and emotional issues where applicable. In particular, the emotional inventories allow women to work through these areas at their own pace and comfort in a more detailed fashion than busy professionals may be able to coordinate.
  • Treatment methodology is enhanced with empathy, understanding, and key insights gleaned from the experience of actual couples who have experienced and overcome vaginismus.
  • Treatment exercises are supplemented with detailed illustrations and strategies to further aid understanding.
  • The information can assist untreated women in coordinating and obtaining a diagnosis and in moving forward with treatment solutions.
  • The program includes technical and emotional support in our Vaginismus Private Forum.

For questions about how our vaginismus products can assist health professionals with vaginismus treatment and patient care, contact us directly for more information or assistance.

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