Will sex ever feel good?

Will sex ever feel good?


Restoration is the normal outcome of vaginismus treatment.

Pain-free, pleasurable intercourse is achievable for most women overcoming vaginismus, as vaginismus has high treatment success rates. Pleasure is not really achievable when pain is present. Eliminating the pain is a necessary first-step in the process of receiving sexual pleasure.

Sometimes, it is hard to imagine sex as pleasurable when tightness, pain, burning, or impossible penetration is experienced. Every story of recovery is different, but most often there will be a transitional phase as couples first transition to intercourse without pain and then on to intercourse with growing pleasure.


Every Woman is Unique

Some women may have a “poof” experience and begin to experience pleasure immediately, while others may take a little time and practice to transition to full pleasure once the pain and difficulties are gone. In the beginning stages of restored intercourse, symptoms may even vary from day to day depending on stress levels, relationship issues, fitness levels, emotional states, menstrual cycles, etc.

It may take a little time, but couples who complete treatment successfully will normally move on to experience pleasurable intimacy and intercourse with full freedom. Intercourse will become a positive experience without the negative aspects and a couple will be able to engage in a pain-free, pleasurable, and fun-filled sex life.


Transitioning to Intercouse

Note that it is important that couples practice intercourse regularly following vaginismus treatment. This gives the woman’s mind and body the necessary opportunity to develop entrenched muscle memories. Maintaining regular intercourse also helps couples fine-tune their sexual experience to improve and enhance the ongoing experience of pleasure.

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