Feedback & Reviews

Over the years, we have gathered a collection of feedback messages, many of which include personal stories of women who have overcome vaginismus with the help of our resources. Names and any identifying information have been removed for privacy reasons (except for medical/specialist feedback). Also, to protect the integrity of the message, minor editing has taken place. Thanks to all for your comments!

Treatment Kit Reviews

I experienced undiagnosed primary vaginismus for 3 years, and finally had the joy (after purchasing your kit and completing the workbooks and therapy) of consummating our marriage on our anniversary! In our bliss, we didn’t even think about contraceptives, and conceived on our 6th time together!

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Trainer Set Reviews

After much research on the Internet and through medical supply companies I found your product to be the most inexpensive available to me. The product was just as advertised and it was instrumental in the resolution of my problem.

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Specialist Reviews

My Clients have had Wonderful Results! I have been a sex therapist for twenty two years and am very impressed with your vaginismus kit!

Chris Lambruscati
MS Licensed Professional Counselor

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From Our Site Visitors

I am so grateful to find this web site as I never knew what I was going through was actually a condition and I was not abnormal. … There was a lot of information that I found on your web site that was so informative and consoling for me as I never knew what the real problem was. Thank you.

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From Our Customers

I found it wonderful to work with a service that is so committed to helping vaginismus sufferers. Customer service went beyond the call of duty and was thoughtful, prompt in responding to emails and always courteous and accommodating. This was so appreciated!

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Media & Press

We’ve been featured in a number of journals and magazines, including:

  • APTA Journal of Women’s Health
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine
  • GoodHousekeeping Magazine

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We Appreciate Feedback

We welcome feedback from those who have purchased, used, or reviewed our resources to help us improve and also to help others to have confidence in their value. We strive for the highest possible quality customer service. Your satisfaction is very important to us. If you would like to submit feedback, or if you have any questions or concerns please contact us.


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