Healing tools

Dear Mark & Lisa… Thank You ever so much for putting together these healing tools for the world. I cannot put into words how much thanks I feel!!!

When I received the Vaginismus 10 Step kit, my thoughts were that when I get through this I will be able to help/inspire others to keep going because it can be healed. SO I would love to share with you my story of successfully healing the emotional and physical pain that led me to very dark places over the 12 years of having vaginismus. I’ll try to keep it as simple and short as possible!!

My first 2 sexual encounters were pain free at 14, then my first boyfriend at 15 was the beginning of the pain. I started to feel burning from the first time we had sex. I was swollen, uneducated about sex and lubrication, foreplay etc… We were a couple for about 3 years, on and off. The pain was worsened after he forced sex when I had thrush. . . I had been suicidal and depressed throughout this whole time, it affected my study my work… I wasn’t comfortable being myself. At 19 I had to make a choice to give up or to pick myself up and find a way to get through this. I started to meditate and do yoga which helped my emotional state hugely. Started to look after myself in ways I never had. Accepting I don’t have the answers, that I am alone for now, a deep part of me knew that this is an experience I am supposed to be having, and I am learning to love myself through this. I allowed myself to slow down and bit by bit, find more answers to WHY this pain? Why am I so alone? I can’t tell anyone, NO ONE UNDERSTANDS!!! How am I going to get through this?

At this time I found a doctor who said I had vestibulitis, and I was so relieved to find there is actually a name for this. She sent me to a vulval physiotherapist who gave me a trainer and some exercises. After seeing her for about a year, the pain was still there. I gave up.

I was soon led to a psychotherapist at 20, who took me in to my childhood where there was repressed sexual abuse memories. So this may have been a part of the pain, but the pain was still there.
I continued therapy work for a few more years on this subject and uncovered and released old energy from the painful times and abusive times.

At 27 the pain is still there. I gave up on relationships completely. Even though I had focused on loving myself more which kept me alive.. WHY is this pain here? DO I have to be alone? What do I need to do to break this pain????

After I got the Vaginismus work book, I found there was more to be uncovered that was holding me back from being pain free. More than was uncovered in psychotherapy. The questions were perfect. I worked through the questions with lots of tears…. Hope was coming back…I was diligently doing everything the book said, even though working fulltime and studying, I set aside time every night and had break when needed.

The physical exercises, even though I had learned some of them before, it felt like this is the perfect time to put the emotional work and the physical work together in faith of the process to heal. At the last steps where your partner can be involved, I met a man in perfect timing, when things got close I told him about my journey, and he was very open and willing to help me with the remaining steps in the book.

The last thing that was uncovered in my emotional process was simply the fact that I was inexperienced now with so many years of not having sex, when most people my age are very experienced, I thought. I felt ashamed and didn’t want to continue the relationship. But then I remembered, am I going to give up on this or am I going to heal and be well? I talked to my partner, I told him about my fears of ‘not being good in bed’ etc. and that feels like the last emotional layer that is causing me to tense up and feel pain. He was understanding, he said that together we will learn how to be intimate, our Love guides us, Just stay present. Forget the past. Always stay present.

How blessed am I to have met this man who treats me kindly and with respect. Thanks God. After just a few months of hard work, I am pain free! My partner and I are now working on our communication, to understand each other and grow our love continuously. There is a beautiful and blossoming future ahead of us.

I know everyone’s journey is different but I hope I can bring some hope to others out there. Just like some stories on the forum helped me keep going. Through tough experiences we find incredible parts of ourselves, I know my journey is perfect now when any challenge comes into my life.

Fantastic resource

I’m writing an article about Vaginismus and both the sex therapist and physiotherapist I interviewed directed me to your site … Received the kit today and it looks great – definitely a fantastic resource for women. I will go ahead and include your website in my article as a recommended place to find out more about Vaginismus.

Happy family life back

Thank you Self Help Kit!! My wife is pregnant I am from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We have been married for three years and consulted for many doctors during this period as we can’t have sex. All the doctors seriously criticized my wife, even my family. It seriously affected our married life.
Last January I was just searching on Internet about these issues, I found your website, discussed with my wife and I ordered the complete kit.
I can’t believe myself till now. We exercised the kit from the smaller size to the bigger size, step by step, and within the second month her anxiety, fear, whatever we call…all gone.
Thanks to God, then to Vaginismus treatment kit…We are very happy now, all her pain, anxiety is gone and she is pregnant now!!!!!!! Once again thank you…thank you very much… you guys gave my happy family life back !!!! …I will seriously recommend this product to who ever suffer this problem!! All the best

Amazing kit

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times thank you for you amazing kit!!!It has really helped me and I am sooo happy and grateful to you guys. When I lost my virginity the experience was horrible for me, extremely painful and since then I haven’t been able to experience pleasure during sex, but your vaginal trainers actually thought me that I have an opening and that an insertion could be made without any pain. Your kit is life changing, all I could think before I got your kit was that I don’t have a good future and there would be no point for me to continue to live! It was a really hard time for me to accept that something so bad could happen to me. When I was having the condition I started a relationship with a guy who I really liked (still do), but unfortunately because of my problem the relationship was going downwards so I had to overcome the condition on my own BUT now when I am cured I know I have a bright future in front of me I am looking forward to it 😉 . . . and that’s only thanks to you.

Ladies please do buy it, be like us the ones who decided to change their lives and who didn’t allow their own body destroy it!
We all deserve to be happy so make yourself a favor and buy it.
The service was also superb!
Thank you, GOD BLESS!!!

Like to refer

Hello, I recently contacted you regarding an order that I just received. I am a counselor in an OB-GYN clinic, and wondered if you would send me some copies of your “Vaginismus” pamphlet. I would like to refer clients to you when seeking a workbook, trainers, and support group. Please let me know if this is possible. I would love to have about 20 or so.
Thank you!

Rebecca L. Love, MS
Counselor, Anchorage Women’s Clinic

Really appreciated

I can’t express my feeling in words. I really really appreciated your treatment changed my life. God bless you & your career!

Meticulously designed

I just wanted to say thank you as I have overcome my problem with your products. I ordered the complete kit and it came to me at once, in perfect condition – found both the book and the trainers and extra materials, meticulously designed to overcome vaginismus. After almost faithfully following the advice reached my goal in just half a month. This email is because I think you deserve the thanks. Few sites sell … for a subsidized price because the client (like me) cannot pay, and this demonstrates honesty and a genuine desire to help. Again, thanks for everything and for the care received, I am very happy and merit is as much mine as yours. [Translated from Spanish]

Very very happy

Hello !!! I’m very very very happy! This kit is blessed by God !!! I thank the inventors of this treatment … I am married for 3 years and 4 months and had problems with vaginismus. I felt down, unwilling to have sex, not to mention the anxiety that made me gain weight! I feel as if coming out of a prison! The suffering chain doors were opened to me. Today I am happy after just 16 days of treatment I cured.

I cannot believe I have done it

That book has become a bible to me. I never realized how hard this is and it feels like a part time job trying to conquer vaginismus. Anyway this afternoon I managed to insert the last one. It felt uncomfortable but not painful. I kept on doing the
repetitive insertions and soon the pc muscles accepted it and calmed down. I cannot believe I have done it. I cannot put into words how much that book has helped us. It was so nice of you emailing me as I knew I had someone to talk to through emailing too. Thank you so much for all your help.

Commit to making sex pain free

I purchased the vaginismus treatment kit a few weeks ago and I just wanted to say thank you so much! My husband and I were virgins when we got married and were eager for our sex life to start. Upon trying intercourse for the first time, I experienced severe pain and burning. We were unable to complete the act, which was very disappointing. After our first experience, we tried using lubrication, which allowed him to penetrate fully, however, I still experienced pain, stinging, and burning. I visited my gynecologist one week after getting married and she told me that everything looked normal and to just give it time.
After ten more months of being married, nothing was improving. I saw my doctor again and she completed a full exam and swabbed me to test for any diseases or infections that could be causing pain. The results came back negative. Although I didn’t want to have a medical problem, I cried when the results came back negative because I wanted an answer for why I was experiencing this.
One day, I was on a blog about marriage and the author had a link to another site for those who experienced different sexual problems. I clicked the link and found a site with a myriad of helpful tips for sex. One of the sections was about sex being painful with a link to your website. I went to your website and quickly read through all the information on your site. The descriptions of vaginismus sounded exactly like what I experienced, so I decided to order the complete treatment kit. Now, only about four weeks later, I am already able to experience pain free sex! I don’t normally write product reviews, but I just want to encourage anyone who has tried many things to improve the pain experienced during sex to order this kit! Before this kit, I was told to try more lube, try different positions, just give it time, do more foreplay, and try eliminating parabens from your health care products. None of those things helped me and I felt like a freak.
Even when I ordered this kit I wondered if I was just a freak who couldn’t have sex and if this kit would even help. But I assure you it did! Read through the book, actually do the activities, and commit to making sex pain free. Thank you so much for this product!

Really impressed

I`m a gynaecologist & obstetrician, as well as sexologist and psychotherapist working in Germany (I have dual nationality GB/NL and live in the Netherlands).
Due to my specializations and experience I obviously have quite a few patients with sexual problems including vaginismus. I will be ordering your two books which someone showed me and I was really impressed – is there anyway I could purchase the books in order to re-sell them to my patients – or do you have any other ideas.

Dr.med. Julia Reeve

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Hello I just want to thank you for the help your products provided for my wife and myself. We went for nine years without having intercourse. I found your website and after sometime of getting over the embarrassment I ordered the kit for my wife and then waited months before I gave it to her. That was two years ago. My best friend, my wife, worked through the books on her own time and now after nine years we are having intercourse. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Program is wonderful

I would like to thank this program because, thank God and you guys, I managed to overcome vaginismus after 20 years. The program is wonderful! Thank you, God bless you and all who are going through this, vaginismus has healing, believe me!!!! [Translated from Spanish]

Well worth it

My story is I got married and went on honeymoon. I was a virgin and saved myself for my husband. So after all this time, I was so happy to get married and share this gift with my husband.
While we were on our honeymoon, I didn’t know what was happening, as I was getting severe pain every time we tried. I was so upset and could not understand what was wrong, especially that I read that it is easy and don’t really need to research on how to have sex. I cried so much and wondered if I had some major health issue or emotional issues. I felt so unworthy and that no one could understand what I was going through and how could they, even if I told them. I felt so ashamed and alone. I was so disappointed.
I am so happy that my husband was so patient with me and he understood my problem after reading about it, and we took it slowly and he was ok with it and supported me all the way through it. This also helped me with overcoming vaginismus – knowing that he was patient and let me go at my own pace, and in constant communication of how things were going.
We began to research on our honeymoon and came across this website, I read all the success stories and was greatly encouraged by them. We decided to purchase the vaginismus kit and give it a try. We got the kit so fast and were surprised by how quickly it came in the mail.
When I opened the kit, I felt so anxious when seeing the trainers and wondered how I could use them. It scared me so much, but at the same time I felt like I had the keys to overcoming this right in front of me and wanted to try as hard as I could and not give up.
After months of following both books strictly, we were able to consummate our marriage after 3 months. Everything is great and pain free and we keep passing leaps and bounds.
It was so helpful reading peoples stories of success, and that is what kept me going when I felt discouraged.
I want to recommend this kit to anyone who is having problems, it is self-paced and really does work, with patience and time. It is well worth it. Thanks for this book and kit, I had never heard about vaginismus, but now I am aware I can also help others facing the same difficulty. I also hope that more people can write their success stories, as this is also what got me through, and felt like I was not alone.

Greatly appreciated

First of all, I just want to say thanks for your great customer service . . . Since receiving the trainers, I have referred many patients to your website and they have all had great success with the trainers. They really appreciate the handle. They are also comforted by the “community” discussion with private forums and the educational resources. I am a pelvic floor physical therapist in the northwest Chicago suburbs at Northwest Community Hospital . . . Thank you again. Everything is greatly appreciated.

So thankful for your program

I just finished your program.  My husband and I weren’t able to have sex for the first 3 years of our marriage.  I had saved sex for marriage, and we were devastated to find out after we were married that we couldn’t consummate.  The first year we tried and failed miserably, the second year we stopped trying all together, and the third year we bought your program.  I saw that my religious upbringing and an accident I had when I was younger (that injured an artery near my vagina) had caused some of the issues.  I used the trainers with success… until the last one.  That one hurt quite a bit, but I kept practicing and then we decided to try having sex on our anniversary… it was against what the “book” had said, but we knew it probably wouldn’t work, but that we’d try… and it did work!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was.  I’m so happy and I’m so thankful for your program.  I had tried going to my doctor but they didn’t help and with such an embarrassing problem there wasn’t much else we could do.  I truly believe your program saved our marriage.  Thank you so much.

Wonderful product

I would like to express my gratitude for this wonderful product . . . had vaginismus for 20 years and could only overcome after the acquisition of the kit, which deals with the problem in an extremely professional and humane way, explained clearly by reading the book and talking to the staff. I recommend the full kit to all women who are experiencing this problem. I had all the support before and during treatment.

Thanks to this team of professionals, I had all the information necessary to overcome vaginismus. Thanks!!!!!  [Translated from Portuguese]

Cannot express how grateful I am

I’ve been meaning to write this for some time now so maybe others can be encouraged to buy the Vaginismus kit if they are feeling unsure about it. I am SO THANKFUL I finally did.

As a virgin who feared the pain of intercourse, we were unable to have sex during our honeymoon. I still felt okay as I had heard friends say it took them a few days or a week to have sex. After we got home, I felt sure we would soon. But it just didn’t happen. I tried everything over the next months… talking to other women, visiting multiple doctors (which always proved VERY frustrating), and even drinking lots of wine to feel “relaxed”. Nothing helped and I continually felt anxious and discouraged about my shameful problem. Most of the time my husband was patient and understanding. But he would try to talk to me about the problem and I would always get upset if it was even mentioned.  I remember feeling like he truly didn’t understand, and had sadness and insecurity that I wasn’t measuring up to what he had in mind for his marriage.

Months went by and we “got by” other ways but the fact that we had not actually had sex loomed over me everyday like a heavy burden. I didn’t tell many people because I was so embarrassed. I even lied sometimes when friends would ask or joke about sex.

A year and 2 months after we got married, late one night I started searching online for answers (I should have done this sooner, but silly me I thought doctors would be more helpful than online searches). I stumbled across this Vaginismus site, at first reading everything very skeptically. It sounded too simple – Too perfect – Too good to be true. Part of me worried that it was some sort of scam or that the testimonials were fake. But as I read story after story of women who felt the same way I did – who experienced the same hurts, fears, and traumas, I knew they were not fake because I felt the same exact way!

The next day I excitedly told my husband about the kit. He was even more skeptical than I had been! Money was very tight for us then and we had no guarantee that it would work so we decided not to get it. But night after night I kept coming back to the site to read the testimonials. During that dark time they brought me comfort and hope; the other women’s stories made me feel like I wasn’t alone. About 8 months later (approaching our 2-year anniversary), we still hadn’t had sex, or to be honest made much progress at all. I brought up buying the Vaginismus kit again, and we both agreed it was time to try.

Let me tell you, even just receiving the kit in the mail brought me hope, and to me that alone was worth what I paid! I started the program immediately, taking everything slow and in order. I really appreciated the workbook and how it took me through all of my feelings about sex and body parts – how it brought to light different aspects of my upbringing as well as painful childhood memories. The whole program took everything very slowly to where I did not feel afraid, just hopeful.

Before starting the program, I was barely getting tampons in (and HATED doing so). I loved that the program started very slowly to ease my body AND mind into it, and help me control my muscles. It was so exciting to work my way up to the larger trainers.

We had tried on our own to have sex for two years and one month. After two months with the kit we finally had sex!!

We were both so happy. In some ways, I feel very blessed because over two years into marriage, we felt like we were on our honeymoon again – only better! My only regret in the whole process was not buying the kit sooner!!!!! I cannot express how grateful I am to the people who came up with this wonderful program. THANK YOU, you may have saved my marriage!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Hello I just want to thank you for the help your products provided for my wife and myself. We went for nine years without having intercourse. I found your website and after sometime of getting over the embarrassment I ordered the kit for my wife and then waited months before I gave it to her. That was two years ago. My best friend, my wife, worked through the books on her own time and now after nine years we are having intercourse. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Very impressive

The books already arrived on Thursday the 28th of January.
Very impressive, will tell my clients to order directly from you, as it is much cheaper then getting it locally.

Matty Silver
Sexual Health Therapist

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