Great product

As a pelvic floor therapist, I recommend vaginal trainers frequently to help patients assist in their own care. These trainers are perfect. They have a handle which makes it easy for my patients to use, discreet so you can carry them without embarrassment and compact so that they can take them anywhere. Thank you for creating a great product!

Hina Sheth MS, PT, OCS, MTC
Rebalance Physical Therapy
Narberth/ Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Like to refer

Hello, I recently contacted you regarding an order that I just received. I am a counselor in an OB-GYN clinic, and wondered if you would send me some copies of your “Vaginismus” pamphlet. I would like to refer clients to you when seeking a workbook, trainers, and support group. Please let me know if this is possible. I would love to have about 20 or so.
Thank you!

Rebecca L. Love, MS
Counselor, Anchorage Women’s Clinic

Really impressed

I`m a gynaecologist & obstetrician, as well as sexologist and psychotherapist working in Germany (I have dual nationality GB/NL and live in the Netherlands).
Due to my specializations and experience I obviously have quite a few patients with sexual problems including vaginismus. I will be ordering your two books which someone showed me and I was really impressed – is there anyway I could purchase the books in order to re-sell them to my patients – or do you have any other ideas.
Regards, Julia Reeve

Very impressive

The books already arrived on Thursday the 28th of January.
Very impressive, will tell my clients to order directly from you, as it is much cheaper then getting it locally.

Matty Silver
Sexual Health Therapist

Great Response From Patients

I would just like to email to thank you for some of the vaginismus leaflets received by myself. I recently had emailed you regards this as I am a women’s health physiotherapist working within Northern Ireland. I have had a great response from patients re: your leaflets and plan to bring them with me to our next training date when more of the hospitals come together.
I also wondered would it be possible to have any kind of sample of your book to potentially show to patients as they may find this beneficial?
Much thanks again,
Kind regards

Catherine Kelly

Favorite Choice

Thanks very much! You guys remain my favorite trainers of choice for patients with vaginismus (cost, ease of use).

Dr. Lynn Wang, Gynecologist
AASECT certified sexuality counselor and educator
Profession advisory board member for
Main Line Gynecologic Oncology and Urogynecology
Lankenau Medical Center, Wynnewood PA
Tel 610.649.8085

8 Years Later . .

I have been practicing in NYC for 20 years and specializing in pelvic health physical therapy and manual orthopedics. I sent you positive feedback about your trainer set originally in 2006. Now it is 8 years later and I have found your trainer set to be one of the most valuable tools still that we recommend to patients. Those suffering from vaginisumus, pelvic floor muslce dysfunction, sexual pain, and habitual clenching patterns truly benefit from using the dliators to perform at home stretches to reduce pain and improve their daily
function. Thanks again for a wonderful product and informative website.

Dr. Pamela Morrison Wiles, MS, DPT, BCB-PMD, IMTC
Pamela Morrison Physical Therapy, PC
Specialists in Manual Orthopedics and Pelvic Health
New York, NY

Invaluable Resources

Thank you for writing these invaluable resources!
I was diagnosed with vaginismus shortly before getting married in 2011. My husband and I are both psychotherapists, and we know professionally, and now personally, how devastating vaginismus can be. God greatly used your program to bring us deeper healing. I found your materials to be practical, effective and encouraging. My husband and I have recently written a book. In it we share our love story: our journey from singleness to marriage, and our struggles and victories with vaginismus. We pray that our story would bring couples struggling with vaginismus additional encouragement. We will continue to highly recommend all of your resources.

Rebecca (& Stephen) Anthony

Website Very Helpful

I am a physical therapist treating many people with pelvic floor related problems. I find that this population is vastly underserved and feel that many are not aware of the services and help they can get. This website is very helpful. I want to commend this website in providing information and support to those suffer from these problems!

Bella Physical Therapy
Fair Lawn NJ

Most Helpful Work

I have treated women with vaginismus for over 20 years. Your products, and especially your books, are very helpful. They take the woman through a series of steps from education about vaginismus, exercises to prepare them for fixing the problem, and beyond. I use your materials, along with coaching women through difficult times and helping their partners understand what is happening, all with an excellent success rate. As you say, vaginismus is highly treatable. Congratulations on your most helpful work.

S. Ann Hartlage, Ph.D.
Director, Marital and Sex Therapy Program
2150 W. Harrison Street
Chicago, IL 60611

Fabulous Resource

I think the website is a fabulous resource for women with vaginismus. There is no reinventing the wheel nowadays with such great resources like yours available.
I am very happy to make a comment. Kind regards, Jocelyn

Jocelyn Klug
Director Relate sj Counselling and Consulting
B Nursing Grad Dip Couple Therapy
Cert Sexual & Reproductive Health
Sex Therapist, Educator & Relationship Counsellor
President ASSERT QLD Inc
Vice-President ASSERT National

My Favorite

Thank you so much for your generous contribution of your samples and brochures. I have been giving the patients a page I printed from your website so will use the brochures instead. I have also told physicians I work with about your product being my favorite. The handle really helps the patients to reach to use the trainers themselves better. Thank you also for your fast delivery. I received the trainer sets today.
Thank you so much.

Colleen R. Sandro, MS, PT, COMT, BCIA-PMDB
OhioHealth Neighborhood Care Rehabilitation Dublin
Dublin, OH

Indispensable Addition to Patient Care

Your patient education materials have been an indispensable addition to patient care in my practice. Thank you for highlighting this significant, often disabling and under-diagnosed condition. As a Gynecologic Surgeon specializing in pelvic floor disorders, I have worked closely for years with physiotherapists who specialize in treating vaginismus for women of all ages. Your website has added greatly to the care of our patients.

Antonio Pizarro, MD
Shreveport, LA

Big Fan

I am a clinical sexologist with a specialty in pelvic, sexual and chronic pain. I’ll be speaking next week on diagnosing and treating vaginismus at the annual conference for AASECT (American Association for Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists). I’m a big fan of your website and wondered if I may have permission to reproduce any of your content in my slides (along with a reference to your site, of course).

Thank you for all that you do to help women and couples. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Heather S. Howard, MBA, PhD, ACS
Board Certified Sexologist
The Center for Sexual Health and Rehabilitation
1199 Bush Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, California 94109

Thinks very highly of program and technique

Thank you so much for putting out such an excellent product. I am a psychiatrist in New York City that thinks very highly of your program and technique. I know that people are often searching for clinicians to help them through this difficult process but do not have a doctor or therapist to help them (if they can’t complete it on their own).

If you keep a referral base of clinicians around the country that are very familiar with your technique, please feel free to refer my way. I am located in Park Slope in a private practice and one of my interests is women’s mental health.

Thanks so much for the work that you do.

Kari Groff-Denis, MD
Brooklyn, NY

Staff are very impressed

The trainers arrived today, thank you very much. All my staff are very impressed with both the product and the price. I will start recommending them to our patients and in the new year will probably purchase some sets so that we can give them to patients who cannot afford them or who cannot access/use the internet to obtain a set directly from you.

If you don’t mind I will also discuss your product with my counterparts at our other main hospitals in Perth – so you never know you might have orders flooding in!

Once again, thanks for the samples and well done on a great product which is well presented.

Gae Lindsay, Nurse Manager
Perth Radiation Oncology, Royal Perth Hospital
Western Australia

Heard wonderful things about you from other therapists

I’m a Brazilian PHD Pelvic Floor Physical therapist treating pelvic pain, including vaginismus, and have heard wonderful things about you from other therapists in the same field.

First of all, I would like to congratulate your website with the complete approach for the treatment. As well I would like to know if is possible for you to mail me some pamphlets or brochures for patient use. I must refer patients to purchase their own treating equipment here in Brazil (such as trainers, workbooks, etc.).

Thank you in my name and in the name of my patients.

Dr. Mirian Kracochansky

Excellent resource

I am a medical doctor and specialist in sexual health in Australia. I have recently received a copy of your book and workbook on vaginismus which I found an excellent resource. Apart from my practice I have a family company that provides books and products to the sexual health profession in Australia and New Zealand. Our company is called Intimate Solutions Pty Ltd. Because of the value I found in the two books I would like to offer them to the Australian practitioner and their patients/clients.

Dr Rosie King
Intimate Solutions Pty, Ltd
Australia and New Zealand

PT Faculty Student Scholarship Support

Thank you for your participation in our Treatment of Bowel, Bladder, and Pelvic Floor Disorders course last month. We appreciate your donation of the Complete Vaginismus Treatment Kit and a set of vaginal trainers for our silent auction. With your help, the silent auction raised over $2,400 for the PT Faculty Student Scholarship Fund. Overall, with the proceeds from the auction and the course tuition, we were able to add $9,700 to the fund. The fund is a top priority of the PT Department to assist 5th and 6th year graduate students in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program.

Your generosity in assisting with this course is greatly appreciated. We hope to work with you again in the future.

Larry Pan, Ph.D., PT
Professor and Chair
Department of Physical Therapy, College of Health Sciences
Marquette University

AASECT certified sex therapist

I am an AASECT certified sex therapist in Atlanta and frequently see patients with vaginismus. Recently, I’ve been hearing positive things about your vaginismus kit. Is it possible to get a discounted or complimentary kit to review and show to patients? I am also an AASECT certified sex educator and
teach at Emory University’s School of Nursing. I would like to have the kit to show to my graduate nursing students, many of whom are becoming nurse practitioners.

Thanks so much.

Sally Lehr, PhD, APRN, BC, FAACS, CIRT
Atlanta, GA

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