Vaginismus Home Treatment Program

This well-illustrated book set comes with over 300 pages detailing the professional self-treatment of vaginismus, covering all aspects of successful home treatment in a simple, step-by-step format.


• Easy to Follow Steps

• Fully Illustrated

• Personal Workbook

• Exercises & Questions

• Includes Forum Pass



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Completely Overcome Vaginismus Book Set

1. Book One: Completely Overcome Vaginismus—The Practical Approach to Pain-Free Intercourse. Clarifying the mystery of PC muscle tightness causing pain at the onset of intercourse, the ten steps detail easy-to-follow exercises to overcome vaginismus in the privacy of a woman’s own home. All the information needed; pelvic floor control, eliminating pain, resolving emotional components, trainer exercises, sensate focus, transitioning to intercourse, and much more. Successful intercourse is the result. (See reader feedback)

2. Book Two: Completely Overcome Vaginismus—Personal Journal and Workbook. Book Two provides in-depth questions and exercises to challenge, motivate, and support women as they work through the process of overcoming vaginismus (complementing Book One). Other helpful components include anatomy diagrams, PC muscle control charts, and sections designed to enable women to identify, express and resolve any contributing emotional components.

Vaginismus Private Forum Pass

Don’t go through vaginismus alone! The exclusive Vaginismus Private Forum Pass allows women to anonymously access the helpful Vaginismus Private Forum (including moderator accessibility)—included with every book set purchase.

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Bringing Vaginismus Resources to People Around the World

With our primary mission being to help women in any way we can, any where we can, we have translated our well illustrated books and informational materials in multiple languages.

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This comprehensive book set covers all aspects of successful home treatment in a simple step-by-step format.


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